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1. Who is the webinar designed for?

There are no prerequisites other than a desire to improve your ability to achieve your results while enhancing the relationships with key people in your personal, business and professional lives.

Participants in the webinar have a wide range of education, experience and interests. The webinar is designed for anyone interested in significantly improving their communication, negotiation and relating strategies and skills: including business executives, managers, team leaders, high potential individuals, entrepreneurs, sales and human resource professionals and those in the professions: from legal, to health care, from education to government; from engineering to high tech, who want to improve their knowledge and ability to positively influence the outcome of important personal, business and professional interactions to achieve Results with Relationship.

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2. Why was the webinar designed, produced and pre-recorded, as opposed to a live event?

After much research, experimenting and deliberation, we decided we wanted the content and delivery to be right every single time and for your exclusive use when, where and how you wanted it, without technical or scheduling restraints. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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3. Some webinars are free. Why does Situational Communication® have a cost?

Situational Communication® has a lengthy history of success with executives, managers, team leaders, high potential individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs who are prepared to make the necessary financial, intellectual and emotional commitment to improve their results and enhance their relationships with the people they work with, for and who work for them; and with their clients.

For those who are prepared to think and act differently in order to improve their success and effectiveness, the reward will be worth the investment. If you recognize yourself in this description and find the approach explained in the preview video meets your needs, then it is time to take that first step.

For those who would like to take a “test drive”, you can take advantage of our FREE Version. Although it has some access, downloads and Profile Reports restrictions, you will have an opportunity to explore the content that will significantly impact your personal, business and professional results and relationships.

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4. Can I download the webinar itself? Can I copy any of the webinar or materials for future reference?

This website, the webinar and any materials and information found herein are protected by copyright law and by various international treaties, and should therefore be seen as the proprietary intellectual property of Lachlan Enterprises Incorporated. The duplication or reproduction in whole or in part of this website, including but not limited to text, images, audio, and/or video, without the written permission of Lachlan Enterprises Inc. is strictly prohibited by law.

However, if you register for the “Individual Paid Version” or the “Training/Coaching Licenses”, you will have no access or download restrictions for one year.

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5. The Trainer’s Package looks like it would be very useful in delivering follow-up sessions. Are there any restrictions on its purchase?

The Trainer’s Package is designed to be used for a trainer’s follow-up sessions with people who have progressed through the “licensed” website. For this reason, the package is sold only when ordering a minimum of 25 licenses. Each license is good for one year of access to the website. The year for each license doesn’t start until the license holder first registers.

All licenses are discounted depending on the number requested, at the time of purchase. If an organization was going to put fewer that 25 through the website, it would be more economical to participate on an “individual pay” basis and there would be little need for the Trainer’s Package.

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6. Will the feedback from the Professional Self/Other: Questionnaires contained in the Profile Reports be confidential?

All user information is considered private and confidential. No one, other than staff of The Lachlan Group, will have access to user information of any kind.

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7. What is your refund policy?

You will learn clear, concise and focused communication, negotiation and relating strategies and skills that maximize a minimum amount of time to achieve successful results and develop effective relationships, or your money cheerfully refunded.

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8. Do you provide an opportunity for corporate and individual trainers and coaches to evaluate the website/webinar for their organization or the the clients they serve?

Yes. Take advantage of the “FREE Version” of the website. It is for individuals, corporations and professional organizations to explore how Situational Communication® content can improve results and enhance relationships. There are access and download restrictions.

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9. What are the technical requirements?

  • Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, iOS v5.1.1 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox 5 or higher
  • Chrome v17 or higher
  • Safari 6.0 or higher
  • DSL internet connection or better
  • 3G or 4G/LTE cellular connection

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