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The Who Behind Situational Communication®

July 30, 2014 » About The Author
Maybe you’re interested in our product, or maybe you’re just curious about the company. But before we dive right in and start providing you with all kinds of invaluable information about successful/effective leadership on this blog, I thought I’d tell you a little about myself so you can put a name (and a personality) to what you read in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. I’m Don Mac
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Leadership Can Take A Personal Toll (If You Let It!)

December 20, 2014 » Successful/Effective Leadership

Corporate leadership can be extremely rewarding. It can also take a serious toll on one’s life – mentally, emotionally and physically.  No matter what the situation, remind yourself, I have a choice! Deepak Chopra Click To Tweet Negative Thinking Is Powerful. A corporate leader I once wor

Why Promising Leaders and Managers Fail

December 9, 2014 » Situational Communication® Concepts and Skills

We’re offering FREE access for 12 months (some restrictions apply) to our Situational Communication® website/webinar which is specifically designed to teach promising leaders and managers how to be more successful and effective achieving their goals and building valuable relationships. Why Do

Situational Analysis: Relationship + Tension = Risk

November 25, 2014 » Situational Communication® Concepts and Skills

Before you can determine where you should begin your communication and relating strategy within The System framework, you need to analyze the situation to determine how your relationship and the potential tension in the interaction impact the level of risk to your success and effectiveness. Ques

What is Your Leadership Relating Style?

November 11, 2014 » Situational Communication® Concepts and Skills

There are four Relating Styles of leaders. Two of them are relationship-oriented and two are results-oriented. You will probably recognize yourself in all four to some extent or another, but which Relating Style is most like you as a leader? Which style is the best Relating Style for leaders who wan

The System: A Strategic Communication Process

October 28, 2014 » Situational Communication® Concepts and Skills

There’s a strategic communication process that should be employed when preparing for, planning and executing important interactions. This process enables you to focus on the key message, to formulate that message succinctly and to set the stage for a mutually acceptable conclusion. The 60 Second

Successful/Effective vs. Ineffective Leadership

October 14, 2014 » Successful/Effective Leadership

There are successful leaders who are effective, and then there are successful leaders who are ineffective. Find out what separates the two and why it’s important that you’re the former, not the latter. For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes – not that yo

Interpersonal vs. Situational Communication®

October 1, 2014 » Situational Communication® Concepts and Skills

There is a fundamental difference between Interpersonal Communication and Situational Communication®. The latter is what leaders find themselves engaged in on a daily basis and it takes knowledge, experience and skill to master the art of Situational Communication® in order to achieve desired resu

The 8 Things Successful/Effective Leaders Must HAVE

July 30, 2014 » Successful/Effective Leadership

Now you’re about to read the third and final blog in this series so you can fill in the missing piece of the puzzle. You already know what successful/effective leaders must BE and what successful/effective leaders must DO (or, if you haven’t already read these two posts, have a look now before y

The 8 Things Successful/Effective Leaders Must DO

July 30, 2014 » Successful/Effective Leadership

So you’ve read our previous blog post and you have a good idea of what successful/effective leaders must BE. Now let’s talk about what they must DO in order to be relevant and to last in their leadership roles. They must develop collegial, collaborative relationships. They must consistently a

The 8 Things Successful/Effective Leaders Must Be

July 30, 2014 » Successful/Effective Leadership

Successful leaders are relevant. Effective leaders last. Results with Relationship. Don MacRae Click To Tweet So what does it mean to be both successful and effective? It means that you’re the person who arrives early, leaves late and outworks everyone during the time in between. You don’t ta