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The Strategic Leadership Communication Process That Drives Successful Results and Effective Relationships.

Situational Communication®
People Skills For Leaders.

It's Free! It's Free!

Do you know when to listen; when to “bite your
; and when to speak up?

More importantly, do you know how, why,
where and when to do it, successfully and effectively?

Like when you inadvertently walk into a political minefield at work.

Navigate your workplace Navigate your workplace

Or have to deliver some tough love to a family member.

Connect with your family Connect with your family

Or are negotiating an important contract with a business partner.

Negotiate with confidence Negotiate with confidence
Situational Communication® remains to this day, the single most powerful set of tools I own. It’s the communication process, negotiation process, sales, problem-solving, performance management and mediation process; the managing up, down and across process; and the dealing with difficult times and people process. Simply put, Situational Communication® is a proven and highly effective way of planning, approaching and conducting interactions with others, through a tremendous array of situations. It works and I know it works because we all use it unconsciously. The program makes the process overt, tangible and a tool that can be used consciously. If it sounds like I am selling it, so be it. It works and I am a fan.
Avon Giddings
Facilitator, mediator and former student and teacher of Situational Communication®

You need results, but they can’t come at the expense of your relationships.

Learn how to take on the many difficult situations with which you are presented on a day-to-day basis with clarity and confidence.
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Join thousands of successful leaders.

For over 35 years, Situational Communication® has shown leaders in both Fortune 1000 companies and professional organizations throughout Canada and the US how to consistently achieve successful results while enhancing relationships, through strategic leadership people skills.

Now we’re offering Situational Communication® concepts, strategies and skills FREE for one year. We are also offering optional paid coaching opportunities for individuals as well as opportunities to corporate/institutional trainers and independent coaches to license the website for use with their organizations and clients.

What’s the catch? There is none! But the program is only as good as the work you put into it. So log in today and get started on your journey to becoming the successful/effective leader that you’ve always wanted to be!

Dr. Donald L. MacRae
Founder and CEO of The Lachlan Group

The Bottom Line: Successful Results
The Top Line: Effective Relationships
The Key: Situational Communication® 
People Skills For Leaders

See how it can work for you.

Achievable, repeatable, reliable.

Understanding how to recognize and manage your emotions and how to influence the emotions of others, is not a secret, or a talent, or even a single skill.

It is a comprehensive, tested process that is repeatable, reliable, stands up under pressure and provides both control and predictability. And it’s one that you and your team can start learning today – for free!

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Turn win-lose propositions into win-win situations.

When the stakes are high, walking away is not an option. And no one can make stressful or uncomfortable situations just go away. But there is a strategic leadership communication process you can learn to help make difficult situations go your way.

It's called Situational Communication®, and we guarantee it will teach you the communication, negotiation and emotional intelligence knowledge and skills you need to take both self and situational control – any place, any time, anywhere.

Situational Communication

Empower yourself
for success

Use our profile tool to understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

Watch over 20+ videos that explain communication concepts, skills and best practices.

Learn how to deal with difficult situations – and people – successfully and effectively.

Transform yourself into the kind of person who makes things happen.

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